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For best font rendering, Please use folowing Quran text and Font combination:

- Quran Indopak -> Font Noorehira

- Quran Simple -> Font KFGQPC Uthman Taha Naskh

- Quran Uthmani -> Font Scheherazade


Many times, Al Quran regular "by verses" translation have a very different meaning with Al Quran "by words" translation. The secret of Al Quran, is often hidden on the basic words understanding. To make easy the understanding of Al Quran, it is very good to understand the verse and also the word by words translation.


- Font Resize Selector (New)

- Complete Alquran with translation by words and verses

- Translation is available in 2 languages, English and Indonesian

- No limitation on surah and verses search

- Share ayat / verses to other apps, such as copy paste, whatsapp, line, BBM, etc

- Clean and easy to use user interface

- The database is directly installed to your gadget, no need to be connected to internet to access the Al Quran by Words Translation

I hope this apps will be usefull for you all, don't be hesitate to share this apps if you find it very usefull.

Thank you for using the apps :)

Attention !!!


When running the application for the first time, Al Quran by word database will be extracted to your device, it will take a while (1-2 minutes, depends on your device condition) on the process because the database used is quite large, with complete 3 Al Quran arabic text, 3 Indonesian translation, and 3 English translation, and also word by words translation per language. please be patient to wait for the completion of the process to finish, do not force close the apps. When the database extraction is complete, translation button will shown, and you'll be able to run the apps smoothly.

If you have application crashes experience due to the lack of your device memory, close and restart the application once again after cleaning some running applications that consumes your device memory.



The most problem happen usually on first time the application run,.. because it extracting a quite large database on the device.

Try This if the apps failed on your device..

1. Go to Setting - Application - Manage Application- Al Quran by Word, select clear data button, and exit from setting. Try to run the apps again and wait for database initialization to finish before you press any button

2. Remove and reinstall the apps, this is the easiest way

Hope it Works :)

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